Product assurance

The factory was upgraded in 2006 to meet the standards and requirements of the International Dairy and Food Industry. Our standards of hygiene are watertight: we meet the HACCP and the comprehensive hygiene procedures and controls expected from suppliers of dairy and food Packaging Suppliers.

We also have ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Many companies will only work with those who have ISO 9001 accreditation.

Quality assurance

Quality and innovation are in our DNA but it is our imaginative and striking print production that makes our customers' products stand out on supermarket shelves and create opportunities for growth, and this is where we excel.

The customer comes first, we work with and share our expertise of materials, design and the latest technology to ensure correct studio origination and print preparation to offer quick turnaround to meet demanding deadlines. Relationships with our customers are paramount to adopting a flexible approach to problem solving and introducing new technologies.

Our in-house technical staff can carry out numerous tests as we have a fully equipped test centre whereby we can carry out tests on containers, various materials, confirm sealing temperatures, time and pressure. In addition similar trials can be carried out on acidic products.