Product Technical Specifications

Materials available:

  • Aluminium with heat seal lacquer - primarily used for short shelf-life products such as yoghurt, cream, yellow fats, butter and margarine.
  • Aluminium special lacquers - suitable for cheese.
  • Aluminium with co-ex sealing layer - extrusion coated materials do not use solvents in the heat seal layer and are therefore more environmentally friendly than heat seal lacquered material.
  • The plastic sealing lacquer also provides easy, low temperature sealing and increased protection to corrosive products. Certain specifications are also suitable for hot fill and retort applications.
  • Surlyn can be used for heat sealing co-ex to glass.
  • Aluminium - recessed diaphragms can be manufactured using laminates, lacquer and co-ex materials.
  • Recess diaphragms are primarily used to locate accurately on the sealing area of the container.¬† Other advantages include the elimination of container panelling when packing hot-fill products.