Product Range

With more than 30 years' experience in heat seal, pre-cut lids and as one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, Alucap operates to the highest hygienic production standards.

Our range includes:

  • Heat-sealed lacquer aluminum in varying gauges from 25 micron to 70 micron
  • Heat seal lacquers, laminates and extrusion coated materials for sealing to most container material including:
  • Non aluminum material including paper PE and polyester (PET)
  • Clear polyester lidding plain and printed
  • Speciality inks and finishes, including metallics
  • Product range available as pre-cut lids or on reels
  • Continual product development with Europe's suppliers of raw materials
  • Design and originations studio to develop designs
  • Various embossing patterns using random grub, pin dot and linen and customer specific designs
  • Over 300 unique shapes of lid

Our lids are compatible for use with a wide range of packaging applications including containers for cream, yoghurt, ice cream, butter, margarine, snacks and preserves.